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Protecting Your Medical Benefits In Workers’ Compensation Cases

If you or a loved one was involved in a work-related accident, you may be aware of your basic right to receive workers’ comp benefits to handle your medical expenses. However, you must follow specific requirements and procedures to recover these needed benefits.

Attorney Brian D. Calvit, in Baton Rouge, has more than 30 years of experience assisting injured workers and their families throughout southern Louisiana. By investigating every avenue for recovery, he will guide you through the workers’ compensation process to obtain the maximum amount of medical benefits to which you are entitled.

Medical Benefits You Are Entitled To Receive

Under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act, all workers who suffer an on-the-job injury requiring medical treatment are entitled to compensation for all of their medical expenses, including:

  • Medically necessary treatments recommended by the treating physician
  • Medical tests, surgery expenses, hospital stays and rehabilitation efforts required to gain maximum physical recovery
  • Prescription medications related to the injury/treatment

Additional benefits are also available for any significant scarring, disfigurement or permanent disability caused by your accident. If you lost a loved one in a fatal work accident, you may also be eligible to file for survivors benefits, which are given to surviving spouses and children to cope with all medically related expenses incurred.

Whatever the circumstances of your case, our Baton Rouge attorney will take time to fully understand your situation so we can obtain settlements tailored to your unique health needs. If necessary, we can file for an expedited initial hearing so you can work directly with your own physician from the beginning. We will also assist in filing an appeal to obtain an independent medical evaluation if your benefits are unfairly denied or delayed.

Special Considerations For Medicare Patients

For those who are covered by Medicare insurance, all workers’ compensation settlements must also include a Medicare set-aside agreement. This agreement guarantees that Medicare’s interests will be safeguarded when resolving workers’ compensation claims involving future medical benefits.

If you are currently covered by Medicare or expecting to be covered by Medicare in the near future, lawyer Brian Calvit can assist you in setting up a Medicare set-aside agreement properly. He will help you understand the process, and strive to locate you any and all available benefits.

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